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UIC to Host ISRS 2014

The 6th Illinois Symposium on Reproductive Sciences regional conference will be hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago on Monday, October 13. Registration to attend is now open, and the deadline to submit an abstract is fast approaching.

CRS Hosts 33rd Minisymposium on Reproductive Biology

On Wednesday, April 16, the Center for Reproductive Science hosted it's 33rd Minisymposium on Reproductive Biology. With over 100 people in attendance, the meeting was a great opportunity for CRS trainees and faculty to engage with other members of the reproductive science community.

An Interview on Oncofertility Advocacy

An interview with Dr. Teresa Woodruff was recently featured in the Journal Star Newspaper. The article shared the history of how Dr. Woodruff began her research into preserving the fertility of cancer survivors, as well as her continued advocacy in the field.



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Banner photograph courtesy of the Woodruff Lab and So-Youn Kim, PhD, Northwestern University.
Mouse postnatal day 5 ovary stained for MSY2 (green), p63 (red), DNA (DAPI, blue) to highlight oocytes.