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C2T2 Award Winner Antonia Navarro Attends ENDO 2015

The Center of Reproductive Science was able to award a Constance Campbell Trainee Travel award to Antonia Navarro, who attended ENDO and presented her work "Estrogen and Epigenetic Stability in the Uterine Fibroid."

C2T2 - Constance Campbell Trainee Travel Award Winners

Spring C2T2 award winners have been selected. These awards from the Constance Campbell Memorial Fund provide support for trainees to travel to national meetings to present their research. CRS congratulates the trainees below and wishes them success at their spring and summer meetings.

Research Findings from Advanced Imaging Used in Mayo, O'Halloran, and Woodruff Labs

The Mayo, Woodruff, and O'Halloran groups are using advanced imaging to unlock secrets of ovarian follicle development and ooctye maturation.



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Banner photograph courtesy of the Woodruff Lab and So-Youn Kim, PhD, Northwestern University.
Mouse postnatal day 5 ovary stained for MSY2 (green), p63 (red), DNA (DAPI, blue) to highlight oocytes.